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New- Sound system

Whoa Baby!!!!!!  Who has both of the all aluminum super cars on the planet?

In addition to the Honda Insight (also Silverstone Metallic) I have Honda's other all aluminum car that emphasizes the other end of the performance spectrum other than gas mileage.  Acceleration, Speed, Handling and way cool looks.  In the USA Honda markets the NSX under the Acura badge.  Acura is the luxury/performance division of Honda that was started in 1986 with the original Acura Legend sedan.  In 1991 Acura/Honda produced the stunning NSX and it has remained in limited production (about 200 per year for the USA) since then with little changes.  The original 1991 to 1994 cars were coupes.  In 1995 a T-top version was introduced that continues to this day.  In 2002 a limited face lift was performed with fixed position lights and a slightly restyled rear end.

From the beginning the car is constructed practically by hand using aluminum almost exclusively.  The drive train for my 2000 year car includes a mid-engine (behind the seats) layout true to all exotic sports cars with a 290HP V6 with the VTEC dual-timing cam system.  The engine has an 8200 rpm red-line.  My car has been upgraded with the Italian Tubi exhaust system that sounds wonderful.  In addition the OEM wheels were polished and clear coated. 

The car is an absolute joy to drive and I can now understand why the owners over the world who have had them for years still love them so much.  One of the best web sites for NSX information is , This site contains everything you would want to know about the car and is frequented by some very enthusiastic owners.

The first day of spring in Annapolis

My 2000 Acura NSX in Silverstone Metallic.


The two sisters,  The Honda Insight and the Honda (aka Acura) NSX.  Both Aluminum, built on the same assembly line, both leading performers in their design areas.  The Insight is the most efficient and the NSX is the most period.  The Insight is exactly the same paint color - Silverstone Metallic.

Wait your turn!

New Sound System Install

Out with the old:  Hi my name is Tom and I've been Bose free for 2 days now....  My thanks to all the folks at NSXprime for the information, products, custom parts and know-how in replacing my stock sound system (what a piece of #^$%$#), with a new amp, component speakers and soon a custom subwoofer.

These are all the Bose parts that were taken out, 2 door units, a "subwoofer", "Tweeter" and foot guard on the passenger side.

Here are the new wiring harness parts the HWH-804 and 805 connectors and RCA connectors for the amp

The finished harness with connectors for the door speaker leads from the amp.

Running the speaker wires through the engine bay:

Mounting the Hifonics amp remote bass control where the old tweeter used to be between the seats:

Mount and wire the amp using velcro to place where the spare tire would go in case of a flat.  The amp can be temporarily relocated if necessary.

Paint the custom speaker plates for the doors:  Thank you D'Ecosse!

Mount the speaker and crossover

Mount the tweeters:

On the door:

Light it up!

Putting the Subwoofer in.  The sub fits sort of where the original "sub" went.  You have to remove the floor mounting points of the original (just tear them out).  You have to relocate the power steering module to just below the glove box and move the keyless entry module forward and to the center above another existing electronics module.  Below the dark greenish box is the keyless module and the silver box is the Power steering control module.  The NSX has electric power steering.

The keyless module goes forward just above the module with the "A" sticker on it.

The sub is an Image Dynamics 8" dual coil (2 ohms in parallel).

The PS module fits just under the glove box with the existing trim panel that fits under it trimmed to just fit the front that you see.

Below is the lower trim panel.  The marked areas in blue were removed with a saber saw. (it's just plastic).

With that the finished interior looks just like the original with the carpet back in place and the floor mats.

By the way it sounds fantastic.  Bass to shake for!




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