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The following are some pictures of what is known as "Vintage" stereo equipment.  I bought and built the kits for the Dynaco Pat-4, Stereo120 and FM-5 when I was in high school in the late 60's.  This equipment still works perfectly (with a little control cleaning every few years).  It is installed in our exercise room and uses the same vintage Dynaco A25 speakers mounted on the wall.  Also pictured are the original manuals with serial numbers stamped on them.  Inside are my pencil check marks for each step of the assembly.  I remember that I had to replace one of the Stereo120's power output transistors once but none of the other equipment has needed repair.  I found the web page called the "unofficial Dynaco page by Greg Dunn at   These pictures were taken on June 15th of 2001.  I think I bought this equipment somewhere in the 1969 to 1971 time frame.  I have not been able to find the receipts for the units yet but I think they are around somewhere.  I bought these at Dixie Hi-Fi in Kensington Maryland which is no longer with us.  These units still have very good performance on par with today's equipment.  How strange.

TunerandPre.jpg (23877 bytes)

Above is the FM-5 tuner and PAT-4  preamplifier in the Dynaco factory wood case.   Each unit has a black metal surround

case as well and just slip into the wood case.

Stereo120.jpg (21216 bytes)

The Stereo 120 power amp

A25.jpg (27959 bytes)

The A25 speaker (I have a pair of course!)

manfront.jpg (27584 bytes)

The original manuals with serial numbers in the upper left hand corners.

manback.jpg (29569 bytes)

The back page of the manuals.

scannedmanfrontpat4.jpg (45360 bytes)

The scanned front page of the PAT-4 manual

scannedmanbackpat4.jpg (62452 bytes)

The back page of the PAT-4 manual.



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