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The Original Story

 The last time I bought a television was in 1983 when higher resolution television monitors were being introduced and VCR’s were coming of age.  I wanted a high quality picture and sound but soon convinced myself that NTSC television and VCR tapes would not provide the type of picture I was looking for.  So I waited 17 years for the technology to improve.  And boy has it ever!

I first read about HDTV in the early 90's and knew with the evolution of computers and displays that digital television was the future.  However I still refused to look at anything seriously until the source material could actually display an improvement.  The emergence of the DVD and subsequently HDTV pushed me over the edge.  Here was source material that was stunning to behold.  Now all I needed was the display device.  I knew about CRT front projectors but the requirements for cost, dark room conditions, video processors and bulk kept them at a distance.  I looked at various rear projection units but could not get over the large bulk and comparatively small screens. In the summer of 2000 everything changed.  I bought a front projector manufactured by Sony specifically designed for video, the 10HT.  The benefits of the newer digital projectors are brightness and resolution that can do justice to large screens in rooms that are not totally light controlled.  After 6 years I replaced the 10HT with the VW50 (aka Pearl) projector with true HD resolution.

I've installed the projector, screen and sound equipment  in the finished basement.  The projector is mounted on the ceiling at about 13 feet from the screen (106 inch diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio).

The picture shows the main L/R Allison 1 speakers and the RTS-C2 center speakers  The screen is the Dalite model B with the High Power screen surface.  The sound signs on the right of the screen itself are from ShowOff Displays.  I lucked out and got one of the THX signs before THX made them stop selling them due to use restrictions.  They still sell the dts and Dolby Digital signs. 

18 Year Report

September 2018 Report

Replaced my ClearQAM tuner (HDHomerun) which served for 4 years until it died with cablecard tuner HDHomeRun Prime.  This is a three tuner model that works very well with Windows 7 MCE.

BluRay support via PS3

I use the Playstation 3 for Blu-Ray playback almost exclusively.  Don't really play games on it.  Fantastic player.   Have an IR receiver to integrate with my Logitec remote.

Got my Sony VPL-VW50  aka "Pearl",  1080x1920 SXRD panels with native 1080p input over HDMI.

Audio and video equipment shown include:

  • Yamaha 1010 receiver
  • Playstation 3 for BluRay playback
  • Home built HT PC with i3 processor and Intel graphics chip
  • Venerable Toshiba HDDVD player.  Best Audio output and upscaling.
  • Logitech programmable remote
  • HDhomerun app for TV and DVR from cable card
  • Netflix and Amazon for streaming


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