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R/C Aircraft



My latest hobby is Radio Controlled airplanes.  I've been bitten by the World War I bug and my first airplane that I build is a "stand off" scale Eindecker I from 1915.  This is a 1/4 scale using a 26CC gasoline engine.  For fun my second plane was a profile B-17 with 4 tiny electric motors.

My project for Winter 2005 - 2007 is an exact scale 1918 Hanriot bi-plane that was built by the French but my model will be an Italian version.  It took some time to complete (more than 2 years)  Power is a Roto 25CC gas engine.

Along the way for something to actually fly without fear I've got an Extra 300 ARF with electric power (1200 watts) and an ultra mini-stik with electric power as well.  They both fly great.  No muss no fuss.

Control is via a JR 9303 with a Spectrum 2.4Ghz transmitter module and a collection of 6 and 7 channel receivers.  No more frequency flags, boards, pins or engine noise....

Please browse away and enjoy the toys....


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