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For several years I worked with a guy (Walt) who has been in the R/C aircraft hobby for awhile.  He was a member of one of the oldest R/C clubs in the US - The District of Columbia Radio Control Club (DC-RC).  They have been together for over 50 years and currently count me now as a member with over 230 members currently.  Some of the folks at the club that I've met are just amazing in their experience, knowing how to have fun, and dedication to the hobby.  I'm not usually (ok hardly ever) a joiner but this group has been a lot of fun to be around. 

I started on Walt's advice with an advanced trainer from Hanger 9 - The Arrow.  I quickly got the bug to build.  Maybe I'll learn to fly someday....

Since I enjoy building things my next airplane project has been started and I've dove in with both feet.  My new plane is a 1/4 scale Eindecker I WW 1 warbird.  The kit is designed and sold by SR Batteries company.  It uses very modern kit design techniques and construction materials and incorporates improvements that makes the flying experience better than what a real 1915 airplane could do.  Watch the construction process here.

My next major project took 2 years a Glenn Torrace Hanriot that turned out beautifully.

Along the way a few ARF's (almost ready to fly) an Extra 300 and a Mini-Ultra-stik from Hanger 9, both electric power.

A cover to my credit!

Hear are parts of Glenn Torrance's web site who showed off my model:

Glenn Torrance Models

"Quality without Question"


What's new at  GTM

   July 19th -  I received a hand full of photos over the last few weeks and thought I would share some with you.  It seems that some of our Hanriot kits are being completed and finding themselves in the air.  The top four photos come from Tom Pfarr who hails from Maryland.  Tom has finished his Hanriot bi-plane in Italian Squadron 81a colors.  Tom says his Roto 25cc engine flies this very maneuverable bi-plane just fine.  It is a great feeling to see a project that you labored on come to life and then go airborne.  As the original 1918 pilot reports state the Hanriot was a sturdy, reliable, maneuverable plane.  We agree.  Another wonderful aspect about this subject, there are a lot of great color schemes to select.  Basically, the Hanriot is a Sopwith Pup with a Italian twist.  Tom photo's show some great detail and how good looking this plane is.  The only main piece missing is the dummy engine which Tom is working on now.  Tom mentioned the original pilot was the Italian ace Flavio Toello Baracchini with 21 victories.   We appreciate you sharing your project with us Tom.  You did an outstanding job.  The next photo comes from Randy Matley who resides in Idaho.  You might remember seeing this Hanriot before as Randy did the first build along a while back on this bi-plane.  It still might be on RC Universe if you have not seen it.  Just search for Hanriot or look under the Scale forum.  He took this neat photo showing his two Swiss color bi-planes ready for flight.  Randy has a decent amount of flights on his Hanriot and reports in that it is a great handling plane that he enjoys flying.  He has entered a couple Scale Master Qualifiers with it and has taken home several trophies.  The last photo is a nice shot of a full scale Fokker D6 owned by Javier Arango.  I like the fact the sun highlights the detail.  Something to remember when you take some photos, know where the sun is and see how shadows appear.  One trick I saw a magazine do was to use a piece of metal (aluminum) to help reflect sun light under the wings to highlight the underside area removing the shadows.  You might not have metal laying around but the idea is to use something reflective to get that same result.  I have done that on some of my photos I use for ads and it works quite well.   I added a new link (below) for our aluminum struts which you can review.  Our struts are unique and can be used on a variety of WW1 projects..  As always any comments or questions just email me. - Glenn



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