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    Eindecker I

Kit construction spanned 10/4/04 through 2/13/05


In October of 2004 I bought the Eindecker I kit from SR Batteries and started construction.  Below is list of the items that I've chosen for the build.

  • Zenoah G-26 gas engine.  26cc displacement with modifications by Ralph Cunningham including capacitive discharge ignition and some weight loss.  The plane is supposed to weigh in at about 16 pounds.  See the information at who is a distributor for Ralph's creations.
  • JR 9303 radio with 8611 digital servos. There are 6 servos needed with 2 for ailerons, 2 for split elevator and one each for rudder and throttle (811 for throttle).
  • Dual battery packs for receiver/servos shared using an Electrodynamics battery balancer system.  Single battery pack for ignition system.
  • Rcats relay ignition cutoff switch controlled by the receiver
  • Scale prop hub from Ralph Vannaman
  • Hardware and finishing materials from SR including pull-pull elevator and rudder linkage, aluminum tape finish for the cowl and Solartex Antique fabric and Iron cross emblems.
  • The pilot from Aces of Iron was designed for the SR kit.

Construction started on October 4th on the left wing and Oct 17th on the right wing.  No I did not make 2 left wings!  The right wing base construction was completed on 10/20/04.  The tail feathers were completed on 11/03 and the fuselage started on 11/05 and covered by 12/18.  The landing gear started on 12/20  and was completed on 1/3/05.  Finishing was started on 1/4/05 and completed on 2/13/05 ready for first flight! (I think....).


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